Sunday, April 20, 2008

How to Travel Green

Travel green, save green. These simple green living and green travel tips are not just Earth Day, but every day.

Don't litter. Even though others might dump their trash on the side of the road or on a pristine beach, don't join them.

Support the local economy -- buy souvenirs made locally. I was appalled on a recent visit to the West Point Museum to see t-shirts and other souvenirs bearing a Made in China label. The museum gift shop at the United States Military Academy sells things not made in America. Shameful.

Seek out souvenirs made by local artists and craftsman. You'll bring home something unique, plus you ensure your green travel dollars stay local.

Support the local economy -- skip the chain restaurants. Seek out locally-owned eateries. Again, that ensures your dining dollars stay local.

Use public transportation to get around. That will help save the environment as well as your green travel dollars. Plus, you'll have a better understanding of the city you are visiting.

In Buenos Aires recently, I went out of my way to ride the city's A-Line subway, becasue I grew up riding New York City's "A" train, made famous by jazz great Duke Ellington.What I discovered in Argentina was wonderful old wooden trains with windows that open and milky glass shades over the lightbulbs. It was a lovely, memorable ride.

Rent a fuel efficient or hybrid car. Save money at the gas station, save the environment.

Yes, it's easy to travel green.