Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Green Holiday Gifts to Save African Wildlife

You can help protect Africa’s lions, gorillas, elephants, and other imperiled species with a gift from the African Wildlife Organization.

There are t-shirts and tote bags, of course, some with images of the very animals whose future is in jeopardy, plus some lovely beaded bracelets and other handicrafts made by tribeswomen in Kenya.

But the most unusual gift is to adopt an entire family of animals for $75 or just an individual animal for $25.

No, the animal doesn't show up at the doorstep of the recipient. What does arrive is a plush toy representing the species you have chosen, a Certificate of Adoption suitable for framing, a photo fact sheet on the species, and a year’s membership in AWF, which includes a subscription to the quarterly newsletter. Or, give a gift certificate and let the recipient choose which animal he or she wants to support.
It's an ideal gift for any child on your list. Grown-ups, too.

It's the kind of gift that does several things at once --

  • protects African savannahs, forests and wetlands from commercial logging or other development, which, in turn,

  • protects giraffe, impala, zebra, chimpanzees, leopards, rhinos, wildebeest and other wildlife,

  • provides work to impoverished families in Africa.
A child on your gift list would be captivated by the story of Leperit, the Grevy’s zebra rescued by two Samburu boys when he was just six months old. A giraffe named Kakuda and a lioness called Auntie Botlhe have equally interesting histories. And there are several new species in AWF’s Wildlife Adoption Center this year, including Loli the leopard and a warthog named Wally.

Oh, and did I mention your gift is tax deductible?