Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb Voted Best Australia Sports Attraction

The Bridge Climb across the Sydney harbor bridge has become one of Australia’s prime tourist attractions, along with the scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef and hiking around Uluru, the world’s largest monolith and an Aboriginal sacred site also known as Ayers Rock.

Since the BridgeClimb tour operator started taking people across the girders in 1998, more than two million climbers have taken the adventure trip, including country western entertainer Keith Urban, an Aussie native.

Join an organized tour, and don't look down. Bridge Climb takes adventurers on a a unique journey through the heart of the bridge along the inner arch before ascending to the very top, some 700 feet (134m) above sea level.

Climbers can touch the raw steel and infinite rivets – maybe even hold on to them in terror -- as you scramble over mesh catwalks, up stairs and past the historic point where the bridge was first joined.

There are awesome views of Sydney and the amazing sense of accomplishment when you reach the summit. The climb takes 3-4 hours and all climbers receive a commemorative certificate and a photograph of their group at the summit.

There are guided climbs at dawn, day, twilight and night, with departures evey ten minutes, seven days a week, and you can choose between a climb over the top or one through the heart of the girders.

Just think, bridge painters get to do this every day.