Thursday, February 14, 2008

LOVE for Sale in Philadephia for Valentine's Day

Find LOVE in Philadelphia on Valentine's Day.

The City of Brotherly Love is going ga-ga for LOVE. I'm referring to the iconic L-O-V-E graphic design on things like keychains, coffee mugs and more.

If LOVE is what you seek this Valentine's Day, it's for sale in LOVE Park, in the park's own shop just a kiss away from the towering red pop art sculpture. The official name of this park in downtown Philadelphia is Fairmount Park, but everybody calls this swath of green Love Park.

The popular name is thanks to the sculpture by artist Robert Indiana, which has become one of Philadelphia's cherished landmarks. A steady stream of visitors come to the LOVE statue for lovely souvenir photos, on their way to other lovely Philly favorites like the famous "Rocky" museum steps, the Liberty Bell, or the Philly culinary icon, the cheesesteak.

In Philadelphia, Valentine's Day is a red letter day for Green Travels!