Monday, February 11, 2008

Sightseeing Cruise San Diego Harbor on Biodiesel

The largest sightseeing cruise operator in Southern California is switching from standard marine fuel to domestically-produced bio-diesel.

Hornblower Cruises is now the first commercial business operating in the Port of San Diego to voluntarily switch to a domestically-produced, environmentally friendly bio-diesel fuel. The company operates eight vessels, ranging in size from 80 to 230 feet, for harbor cruises, whale watching and dinner and brunch cruises.

It's an obvious next-step for Hornblower, whose narrated sightseeing cruises focus on the region's marine life and wildlife, including the migratory patterns of birds and whales, and the necessity of protecting them and the environment.

Hornblower says its guests will be able to smell the difference from the non-toxic, non-carcinogenic biodiesel fuel being used.

San Diego Bay is home to swimmers, whales, dolphins, fish, seabirds and lots of recreational, commercial and military boaters. Switching to bio-diesel can help reduce the environmental impact of recreational boating. Hornblower hopes its switch to bio-diesel will inspire others to make the same commitment.

The switch to bio-diesel is a collaboration between Hornblower, New Leaf Biofuels and General Petroleum, the largest distributor of bio-fuels in Southern California.