Friday, March 28, 2008

Santa Monica Restaurant Goes Green with Solar Power

The Lobster Restaurant, one of Santa Monica’s historic landmarks, has just added 54 solar panels to its roof.

The restaurant is by the world-famous Santa Monica Pier. The solar panels curve gracefully over the roof, just steps from the Pacific Ocean, and do not obstruct ocean views.

The solar panels are expected to generate up to 20% of total energy needs for The Lobster. That's electricity which won't be generated by coal or oil or nuclear power. Just power from the sun.

The restaurant -- which first opened as a seafood shack in 1925 -- worked with Solar Santa Monica, the city’s program encouraging both solar photovoltaics and solar thermal (hot water), to get the new system up and running.

Solar power for sunny California. How appropriate.
Three cheers for The Lobster. And one question --

Why aren't more businesses installing solar panels on their unused, unproductive, sun-splashed rooftops?