Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thai Airways Programs to Protect the Environment

Thailand is known for incredibly beautiful pagodas, beaches, wonderful food and a warm welcome to visitors. Now, its national airline, Thai Airways, is adding green programs to protect the environment.

Here's part of what they are doing to help us all travel green --
  • A reforestation program at Hui Sai in Cha-am district, Petchburi province involves local schoolchildren, to teach them about the importance of the forest and natural resources. Children of Thai Airways employees also are participating.

  • An environmental awareness exhibition traveling to the airline's various offices and ticket locations in Thailand, to educate employees and passengers on how Thai Airways is working with other airlines to to decrease CO² emissions in the airline industry.

  • A Good Agricultural Practice program, which has been conducted for the last six years, helping Thai farmers develop a production system that is environmentally friendly. The airline also purchases food directly from local farmers.

  • A program that encourages Thai Airways employees to collect vegetable oil that has been used in meal preparation and send it to the company's catering unit to recycle it into biodiesel.
Cheers to Thai Airways for its green travels efforts.