Friday, May 30, 2008

Travel Companies Help Chinese Earthquake Victims

This isn't a regular subject for Green Travels, but it is an important enough subject to switch gears --

Millions of people are homeless in Sichuan Province, China because of the devastating earthquake earlier in May. Here are some ways that travel companies are helping -- and how you can help, too.

Let's start with panda bears, the iconic and popular -- and endangered -- animal.

The Wolong Nature Preserve is the world's most important panda conservation and breeding center. It was destroyed by the earthquake, and pandas and the people who care for them have been left homeless. GLOBIO and DVD International are teaming up to benefit the Wolong Nature Reserve. GLOBIO is an organization that promotes cross-cultural contacts of children -- and we all know how much children love panda bears.

Buy an Ultimate Panda DVD. It's all about these unique and captivating creatures. Half of the money from sales will be donated to rebuild the Woolong Nature Preserve -- where the DVD was filmed.

Airlines have been getting a bad rap lately -- which they deserve -- for adding all kinds of baggage fees and taking away our free peanuts, plus raising ticket prices. So let's give credit to an airline that's doing something good -- Northwest Airlines.

Transfer any amount of your NWA WorldPerks miles to The Salvation Army and Northwest Airlines will match those gift miles up to a total of one million WorldPerks miles. Transfer miles online or if you prefer, call 1-800-327-2881. Make sure to have your WorldPerks number and PIN ready. Or, at donate least $50 to The Salvation Army and NWA will give you 500 WorldPerks Bonus Miles.

So where are American Airlines and United Airlines? Don't they fly to China, too? Don't they like pandas?