Sunday, May 4, 2008

Help Save the Endangered Loggerhead Turtle

This green travels expedition can help save the Loggerhead Turtle, the largest hard-shelled turtle. It lives along a long stretch of southeast Florida coast, and it is endangered.

The eggs of these beautiful -- and endangered -- creatures will be hatching soon, and there's the chance to both see them in their natural habitat and help them survive.

A volunteer from the Sea Turtle Preservation Society of Brevard County, Florida educates guests on the plight of the sea turtles during beach walks while on the lookout in hopes of spotting a Loggerhead.

The walks are a great educational experience as well as an opportunity to get your family talking about ways to go green at home.

The Crowne Plaza Melbourne Oceanfront Resort has a vacation package that includes turtle walk tickets. The hotel also returns $10 to the Sea Turtle Preservation Society for every package booked. The turtle walks are from June 1 to July 31.

There's more information about the endangered loggerhead turtle on the National Geographic website.

Green turtles and green travels.