Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Portland Brewpub Goes Solar to Brew Beers

Portland’s Lucky Labrador Brew Pub is the first brewpub in Oregon to use solar power to brew beer. Definitely a green travels destination. But no green beer.

Solar panels on the roof generate energy to heat the water used in making beer. The renewable energy is also used to heat water for dishwashers and bathrooms.

Even on cloudy days, of which Portland is known to have a few, the panels can generate enough energy to warm water to 145 degrees.

Lucky Lab, one of several Portland-area brewpubs that welcome dogs in their outdoor seating areas, plans to brew a special “Sun Beer” to celebrate its solar-heating system.

This Lucky Lab pub, in Southeast Portland, is in a former warehouse. There are also two other Lucky Lab brewpubs around Portland -- but so far, they haven't gone solar. Maybe soon.

A green travels destination that is pet-friendly, too.