Friday, October 10, 2008

Travel Websites to Help you Save Money

With stock prices falling like acorns, budget-centric websites are rising to the top of more vacationers' bookmark lists. That's the opening sentence of an article in today's USA Today to help us save green when we travel.

Budget Travel Sites to Keep you Out of the Red lists 25 websites to help you find cheap airfares, hotel bargains and more. Some, of course, you've heard of already and probably even have used -- like Kayak and Hotwire. But there's also some great new dollar stretchers to check out as well.

A new one I was glad to find out about is, which lists car rental companies that sit outside expensive airport real estate, and are usually cheaper than the 'brand name' on-airport companies.

Another is, which offers discounted lift tickets for major ski and snowboard resorts in North America.

So thank you Laura Bly who compiled this list for USA Today, for giving us all some ways to save green when we travel.