Friday, November 16, 2007

Allergy Free Hotel Rooms in NYC

No sneezing, coughing or itching in this NYC hotel, which claims to be 98% free of bacteria and viruses.

It's the deluxe Premier Hotel in Times Square, part of the Millennium Hotels and Resorts group.
Their new "Premier Pure" rooms feature an allergen- friendly environment, which includes zapping the rooms with a 4-5 hour high ozone shock treatment to kill any of living organisms and their associated odors. That's followed by a bacteriostatic barrier applied on virtually all surfaces to minimize the growth of bacteria.

In addition, special hypo-allergenic pillow cases and mattress covers are used in rooms, to eliminate the dust, dander and dust-mite related allergens usually associated with common bedding.

The allergen-removal extends to the Penthouse suite and the hotel's fitness center -- which claims to be the first hotel gym using this new process, which includes removing allergens from the air flow.

Medical research shows that more than 70 million Americans suffer from various airborne allergies or asthma. But even if you are not a sufferer, the allergy-friendly rooms are a bonus because they reduce or eliminates biohazards and other irritants from all room surfaces -- including bedding, carpeting, walls and furniture -- and filter them from the air.

The hotel also is introducing therapeutic natural skin care products by LATHER as its bath amenities.