Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Green Spa in New Mexico

Absolute Nirvana Spa, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is one of the most comprehensively green spas in the country.

Here's some of the eco-friendly things you'll find here:

Facials are done with the all natural Naturopathica skincare line or with avocado, honey, cucumber, yogurt, and brown rice powder. Spa treatments are done with organic oils, spices, organic brown rice and brown sugar, papaya, seaweed, white clay, yogurt and honey.

The spa is cleaned using all natural cleaning agents which are chemical-free and non-toxic. And only earth-friendly, non-toxic fertilizers are used in the gardens.

80% of the electricity is from wind power. At night, the spacious grounds are illuminated by a combination of solar and motion detector lights. That eliminates the waste of all-night outdoor lighting. Light bulbs are compact fluorescent wherever possible

The spa has its own water treatment system and they recycle all of their rose petal bath water.

Menus and stationary are printed on recycled paper with soy ink. Decorations are long living plants instead of fresh cut flowers.

Cloth hand towels replace paper towels, and glass or plastic cups instead of paper. Also, no bottled water. Only filtered. That saves yet more plastic and paper. And what is used gets recycled.

Makes sense, especially the eco-friendly things you can do yourself at home, like using less paper towels, more flourescent light bulbs, and filtering tap water and a re-usuable container so you avoid those ubiquitous and environmentally damaging little throwaway water bottles.