Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Hampshire Ski Resort Using Biodiesel

Mount Sunapee Resort has started using Biodiesel fuels in its resort operations this winter.

Biodiesel B-20 will be used in snow grooming equipment and snow removal heavy equipment.
Biodiesel B-5 will be used to heat base area lodges and other buildings.

It's the most recent addition to the New Hampshire resort's expanding energy management program, which includes using wind energy. Its sister resorts, Okemo Mountain in Vermont and Crested Butte Mountain Resort in Colorado, also use wind energy

The ski resorts off-set 100% of their electrical power consumption with wind energy that is put back onto the power grid.

Also in Colorado, Winter Park Resort is using wind power to power its new Eagle Wind chairlift.

Now, if we could only harness the energy of skiers hurtling downhill. Ah, but we do. It's called apres ski.