Sunday, November 11, 2007

Delta Airline's Eco-Friendly Amenity Kits

Kudos to Delta Airlines.

No, they have not returned to serving real, free meals in economy --it's still just peanuts and friends. And, no, they are still charging for headsets and movies in the 'back of the bus'.

But Delta has gone 'green' in the front, in business class, at least on domestic flights.

No more fancy little amenity kit with a zipper and lots of plastic wrapping each individual item -- toothbrush, socks, eye shade, earplugs. Now, everything comes in a plain brown wrapper. Recycled brown paper, and everything is printed with biodegradable inks.

Here's what was printed on my paper bag --

"Take care of yourself and the environment. In keeping with Delta's commitment to environmental mindfulness, this amenity kit has been made Earth-friendly through the use of natural, biodegradable and recycled materials.

So, kudos to Delta. Except --

Everything in the amenity kit, including the biodegradable wrapping paper, is Made in China -- the biodegradable ink tells me so. Hmm, toothpaste Made in China -- hopefully Delta made sure it's not the kind with the poisonous ingredients that made headlines a few months ago.